Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City
06-10-2014 | Nguồn:

The Cho Benh Thanh market is just beside our hotel, the Harmony Saigon Hotel. So everyday if we have free time , we would kill our time in here.We found this market interesting, as well as other markets in every countries we visited.
This market is huge,hot,humid, with so many vendors and stores you can imagine, selling everything from clothing , foods, drinks ,souvenirs,coffee,tea ,handicrafts, bags,snacks, daily necessities etc.

It reminds us of Chatujak weekend market in Thailand , but in an indoor building, not in an open area.
Compared to other markets we have been visited , found that prices in Cho Benh Thanh market was quite high.
Go round the market during your first hours of your visit,gather as much information about prices of stuffs you want to buy, so you will know roughly how much for a reasonable price.

Start your bargain about 50-60 percent of the offered price ,if they wont sell you the stuff you can walk away nicely, and bargain further up a bit at other shops.
Things tends to repeat itself here , so there should not any problem for you to find the same stuff at other shops.Almost all vendors and sellers here ,understands simple English ,or they will show you a calculator for you to input the price you wanted.
Opening hours is from 5.00 am to 6.00 pm. 

On 5.00-6.00 am you can visit the wet market within the main market,so you can see the livestocks , like fishes ,eels , pork ,shrimps, frogs and so on.
If your time is short and cannot visit the market during morning ,daytime or afternoon , you can always visit the Ben Thanh Night Market.This market flanks the 2 sides of the Benh Thanh Building, vendors will sell their stuffs here after the main building closed.

Nice atmosphere, worth a visit !


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